How we work

How we work

Distributed SCRUM

The boris way...

Boris has massive experience in providing distributed SCRUM teams. Boris exclusively works with highly educated developers based in the CIS region and Spain. The work ethics and culture of our developers is what Boris makes unique.

Boris consist of a team of people who can help you with all aspects of your development process. Boris can deliver any kind of development, testing, support or project management services required to make your dreams come true. Highly qualified people is our concern, so you can focus on yours.

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Why people
choose us

  • 01High QualityPeople and CodeBoris exclusively works with high quality developers, testers, scrum masters, who deliver high quality work. Our people are college graduates and master the agile work methodology. Wether you hire a junior or a senior developer, based on your needs, you will be amazed by the results we will help you to achieve.
  • 02Short Lead TimeFrom request to Delivery in weeksBoris has a proven track record of assigning a fully up-and-running team within weeks after a customer request. Our distributed way of working enables us to hit the ground running when starting on a new assignment. Working with Boris on a project basis, having dedicated teams or do you just need a single developer? We can fullfill your needs. Your wish...
  • 03Self Enabling TeamsWe will do the work!Boris highly detailed specifications are so 2007! We will craft solutions based on your functional description. Architecture, integration, building software; This should not be your concern. Let us do what we are good at! And yes of course, it is your, documented IP!


From SCRUM Master to Developer to Tester

meet-boris-your-development-guruBoris has a wide range of expertise. We provide SCRUM Masters, developers, testers, UI/UX designers, support agents and project management people. We will even bring you coffee if you want to :). With the combination of expertise available we can deliver full scrum teams and test-teams. Our mission is to help you realize your dreams, so bring us your challenge, we will support you with composing the right team.

Boris loves to work with people from different regions. Motivated & hard workers, with a keen eye for detail and a can-do attitude is what describes Boris best.

The reason we've started this adventure is that we were fed-up with over specifying development tasks for developers. Unfinished products and unnecessary double work were the outcomes. Relocating to work with experts in the CIS region really has opened our eyes. Instead of going through a long and hard process of creating technical specifications, we’ve found that providing a simple functional specification and using distributed SCRUM resulted in better, faster and cleaner solutions. Once you experienced our proven distributed SCRUM approach and meet the work ethics of our people, you never want to go back!