Boris -

is a real development guru. He helps you with all your development needs. Boris has experience in web, mobile, application and any other type of development.

Boris -

has a real passion for testing. Wether it is mobile, web or application, automated or manual testing, Boris has all the experience you will need.

Boris -

can provide you with support people who help you resolve customer issues quickly. Boris masters any system, app or database and solves all your problems.

Boris -

masters all development methodologies; Waterfall, Agile or anything in between. Boris will make sure you deliver in time and with high quality!

Hello there!

Meet Boris. Boris is your development Guru network.

We are Boris – your development guru network. We provide development gurus all across the world.

Boris has massive experience in providing distributed SCRUM teams. Boris exclusively works with highly educated developers based in the CIS region and Spain. The work ethics and culture of our developers is what makes Boris unique.
Boris consist of a team of people who can help you with all aspects of your development process. Boris can deliver any kind of development, testing or support services required. Highly qualified people is our concern, so you can focus on yours.

We are curious to find out how we can assist you and make all your dreams come true!

Sincerely, Boris - your development guru network.